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Had Pellowah treatment from Michelle in October. This was my first time for Pellowah & instantly felt a strong healing energy from the onset. I had so much clarity & release at the same time. I have allergies/asthma which triggers more in autumn time & I would be using my inhaler and steam inhaling several times a day, since Pellowah treatment couple of weeks ago I have not used either. Thanks Michelle xx Dawn (UK)

Feel so lucky to have just had a remote Pellowah Healing Session with Michelle and ?WOW?- it was the most phenomenal healing experience I have EVER encountered. I have risen from it just truly astounded by the experience, feeling a strength that I have never felt, a calmness that I have never felt, clarity and confidence like I have never felt, feel like a new, person, Michelle PerfectBalance ?? Thank you ❤️xx

Maria (UK)


About 9 years ago, I was in England from overseas, and I stumbled upon Michelle at Perfect Balance.  To say my first Reiki session changed my life is not me over exaggerating!  My treatments set me on my own Reiki pathway and since that day, I never miss an opportunity to visit Michelle and have an amazing treatment with her.  I always come away uplifted and full of energy!  An amazing lady with an amazing gift!  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a treatment, just book up and feel the amazing, wonderful benefits!   I can’t wait to have a reading from you soon! 

Rachel (AUS)


I had a new treatment - Crystal Reiki - with Michelle yesterday.  The session itself was a relaxing & enjoyable experience.  I could really feel my energies shifting, moving & unblocking.  I feel great today & slept so well.  I would definately have this treatment again & would thoroughly recommend Michelle 

Claire (UK)


I received a Tarot card reading from Michelle today. Very impressed. Accurate on all counts. Thankyou!
Jane (UK)
Whenever I need guidance, clarity or simply just to relax, Michelle is amazing in all areas. I recently won the Chakra Stones and they are beautiful and just perfect x x
Debbie (UK)
I had a brilliant session with Michelle for the Art Reading, She was very accurate and is very good at what she does, would definitely recommend her and I would see her again! Thanks Michelle xx
Kirsty (UK)
An amazing and relaxing reflexology session by the wonderful Michelle - feeling like a new person! Thank you so much! x x
Clare (UK)
I had an amazing treatment today by Michelle. She really has got such a talent in bringing out what people's fears/phobias are and instantly making me feel peace and clairty about them. Such an amazing woman. I can't recommend her highly enough...!
Marie (UK)
I went to see Michelle and after a session of Reiki in her beautidul treatment room, I left feeling very calm and relaxed. I would happily recommend her to family and friends! Such a kind lady!
Jamie (UK)
I have been to Michelle for a fair few years now which speaks volumes in itself. Every single treatment I've had has been fabulous. I've also had a reading which was very accurate. Michelle definately has a special gift! x
Julie (UK)
I had a lovely reading with Michelle in her lovely treatment room. Very relaxing and welcoming and I will be returning! Thank you Michelle x x x
Sam (UK)
I just had an amazing Reiki session with Michelle which has left me feeling calm and relaxed but incredibly energised as well. Sounds like a contradiction but it's the only way I can describe it. Can't recommend it highly enough. And the follow-up feedback from her was mind-blowing!
Angela (UK)
I had a lovely reading with Michelle last night which brought messages of comfort from my parents who have passed over.  I found Michelle's energy very warm and comforting and found her very inspirational.   Her therapy space has a lovely feeling about it.  I look forward to going back in the near future to try one of her Holistic Therapies.
Tracie (UK)


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