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Reiki Infused Gifts

Unique and individual handcrafted gifts, infused with powerful Reiki Energy thus enhancing the crystals that have been used and embedded within the item.  By infusing them with the wonderful Reiki Energy, a powerful piece has been lovingly and carefully created using resin.


Working with crystals and energies for many years has brought about this beautiful collection of pendulums, Chakra stones and jewellery that have been designed and lovingly made for you to enjoy.


Each item has been made by hand and as such are individual, no two pieces will be the same and may have slight natural flaws in them through the creating process.


The Mind, Body & Spirit energies have been at the forefront of these creations to help bring about clarity, change and positivity to the individual who is lucky enough to recieve a piece.  The focus being on the Chakras and how best to energise and cleanse them for your own wellbeing and your future progress on your lifes pathway.


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