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REFLEXOLOGY  Reflexology is a natural method of treating the body as a whole (or Holistically) using gentle pressure massage on the reflex areas of the feet. These reflex areas correspond to all parts of the body, creating a state of balance in the body and unblocking energy pathways, helping the body to function more effectively. Imbalances in the body may be detected and the body’s natural equilibrium can be restored and maintained.

The many benefits of reflexology are: it can improve the functions of related organs, glands and other parts of the body, encouraging energy flow, breaking down tension, relieve stress, improve circulation and enhance relaxation, accelerating the body’s natural healing process.  This is an extremely relaxing and non-invasive way to help harmonise the mind, body and spirit, with only the shoes and socks being removed.


REIKI  The word REIKI means “Universal Life Energy” and can be used for all purposes, conditions and situations. Reiki is a way of transferring positive healing energy from the hands of the Therapist to the Client in order to promote health and restore a sense of balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. It can bring great relief; not just in the physical body, but also on an emotional and spiritual level.   Reiki is a hands-on-therapy (over clothes) this is not a massage.  Reiki MASTER level attained.


TH. STONE THERAPY TH. Stone Therapy is a complete mind, body and spirit treatment. It is similar to a Therapeutic Massage but with the use of hot and cold basalt stones along with massage techniques. Physically the circulation and metabolism is stimulated on a deeper level, mentally the client reaches a deeper state of relaxation within minutes and spiritually the energy centres (the Chakras) are opened up balancing the mind, body and spirit.


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE  Therapeutic Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body in order to promote health and well-being. It is a powerful healing tool that enhances physical and emotional health; the overall response is that it encourages the body to heal itself naturally.   Some of the physiological effects are; improvement to muscle tone and increased joint mobility, relief of muscular restrictions, improved circulation enhancing blood-flow and therefore the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It also aids the removal of waste products and toxins from the body.  

The potential emotional effects of therapeutic Massage are; a reduction in stress and anxiety levels, enhancement of relaxation, it can also calm and soothe as well as stimulate and energise the body.  All treatments are adapted to each individual clients needs. 


AROMATHERAPY  Aromatherapy is a specialised Therapeutic Massage with the controlled use of natural essential oils, which are absorbed and carried around the whole body via the bloodstream. With this treatment the body’s own physical, mental and emotional healing ability is encouraged.  Aromatherapy has been shown to treat and alleviate a wide variety of conditions ranging from stress related problems, skin conditions, respiratory, digestive and muscular issues. Many people find sleep patterns and energy levels improve as well as having a more relaxed mind and body.  

Blends of oils are chosen and massage techniques are adapted to each individual Client, these may change from visit to visit as the Clients well-being improves.


HOPI EAR CANDLES Biosun candles are used in this wonderfully relaxing non invasive treatment.  Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy treats many conditions of the ear, nose and throat.  This treatment aids conditions like tinnitus, sinusitis, compacted ear wax, glue ear, sore throats, colds and flu, hay fever, headaches, migraine, rhinitis, vertigo, as well as releasing stress.  This is a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment which includes a facial massage to help aid the ear candling treatment. 


ULTRA SONIC SOUNDWAVE THERAPY  Help treat painful joints, speed the healing process of injuries and relieve tighht/tense muscles.  Increases blood supply to the treated area, stimulating tissue, helping the bosy to heal itself.  Treats: arthritis, rhematism, sinusitis, frozen joints, neuralgia, backache, sciatica, slipped discs, fibrositis, muscle cramps, poor circulation, sprains and more.






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